My First Ever YouTube Video
First snowfall in Ottawa 2015-2016 winter, Row chipped his tooth Average Row Vlog 01
I started Vlogging on November 25th 2015 and haven’t stopped since. I was releasing a new video every Thursday on all sorts of topics, until I decided to change the way I create content for YouTube. I try to go out of my way to find something interesting to share with my viewers as much as possible. By doing this I have pushed myself to try new things and stretch my comfort level more than ever before and in doing so, I have had the best year of my life in 2016. I have grown in confidence and have learned more about nature, history, editing, and public speaking to name a few, than I have ever expected or imagined. I have been blown away by the support and encouragement from my viewers and never imagined that I would have as many viewers as I have today. I started Vlogging because I thought it would be something cool to do, now I vlog because I love producing content for my channel's loyal viewers.

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes of your day to share my experience of life.
A More Recent YouTube Video
Canoe Camping in Quebec Canada // Need The Sun To Break - James Bay (Live Cover) by Sierra Eagleson
Canoe Camping in Quebec Canada // Need The Sun To Break - James Bay (Live Cover) by Sierra Eagleson. In this video I attempt to share the feeling of peacefulness and calm energy I have when I’m out camping and connecting with wildlife and nature. The song used in this video is a cover of James Bay’s song Need The Sun To Break by Sierra Eagleson. Sierra has an amazing voice and has a YouTube channel with lots of other amazing performances of cover songs. I would strongly recommend checking out her channel and subscribing.

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