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Average Row is starting a Community on Patreon!!

If you dont know who I am yet and this is your first time visiting my website, my name is Rowan Elsmore I’m turning 13 this month on the 13th. I am a YouTuber from Ottawa Canada who makes videos on all sorts of topics. I just want to share my experience of life with others. My channel is  more about Travel and Adventure than anything, or at least that’s the direction I would like my channel to go in. I have been creating video content since I was 10 and have developed a lot since then. It has not always been easy and I have challenged myself so much over my time producing content while putting myself out there. I'm on an amazing journey pushing myself creatively to my ultimate goal of becoming a travel journalist.

What is Patreon and what does it provide me?

Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, as well as ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or "patrons." It's not a one way street, by donating to me here, you are not only providing me the ability to continue creating better content and helping to build my business, you will be provided rewards for your generous donations.

Why is Average Row starting a Patreon account?​

I decided to start a Patreon account to allow my viewers an opportunity to be more involved in my channel and to create more of a community to share my journey of becoming a real travel journalist. Creating new content isn't cheap, equipment regularly needs to be repaired or replaced and the cool experiences I share can be costly. By contributing through Patreon you will have a different view of this journey with more behind the scenes access and the knowledge that you are contributing greatly in making this adventure a reality for me.

Where will my donation go?

Creating content can be very expensive from camera equipment costs to even basic things like hard drive space. You may not know this but season one and two of Average Row took up 2TB of storage space each. I am no longer numbering seasons but so far I have over 6TB of content created since I started my channel. The software I use is also quite expensive and requires a license each year. Even the music I use in my videos requires a license which costs money. 

Every penny donated will go back into the channel.

As an aspiring travel journalist I want to travel. I have been fortunate that my family loves to travel and I have been able to go to some interesting places so far. I would like to be able contribute more and have a say in where I get to visit and what I do when I get there. Perfect example of this is my upcoming trip to Iceland. There is no way I would have been able to convince my parents to take me to Iceland and pay for everything like flight and accommodations, it’s just too expensive and they don’t have the same interest in Iceland as I do. The way I was able to convince them was by making enough money to cover most of the flight costs. By doing this they were willing to cover all of the other costs even though they cost much more than the flight. I was able to make the money to do that with the advertising job I did for Minto Homes.

In the end I'm not just looking for financial support I would like to surround myself with the people who believe in me and truly want to help grow my channel, my brand, and create a community. It will be my Patreons I will turn to when I need advice or ideas.

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